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Gutter Face Cleaning 6

I had one of our customers ask me one time how much to charge to clean the face of the gutters when washing a house. I said that if you were washing my house I would expect it to be included in the price. As you can see in the Picture it can make a dramatic difference in the appearance. They may not notice that you did it but they will most likely notice if you didn’t.

So how do you get these results? The trick is to use a butyl based degreaser. We sell Viper Venom. These types of chemicals remove oils at a lower pH then other degreasers. The crud that you are removing is mostly residue from the asphalt shingle. In the summer time the asphalt gets soft and then a sudden rain storm will carry some of it off the roof. The lower pH will remove the oils and leave the paint most times. Paint strippers are typically a higher pH product that will break down paint. So without butyl you may take the paint off the gutters.

So build a little into the price to leave the house looking great so you can get the business next year.

It is imperative to keep good records on your customers so you don’t have to start from zero every spring. Outlook or even a small cloud based CRM like Sales Optima will allow you to email or remind you to call all of your customers to get booked early in the year. Cloud based CRM’s allow you to store more data like Before and after pictures for each customer as well as several contacts, maps and special needs like dogs out back.

Pressure Washer Repair and Maintenance 27

Whether you are Industrial or Commercial Pressure washer user,  maintenance is vital. Pumps and Engines have oils that must be changed at recommended intervals. Speaking to engine manufacturers, they all say that pressure washers are one of the toughest applications for an air cooled engine. Add the ethanol and engines are running hotter than ever. One manufacturer has stated that head temperatures with E-15 fuel will increase over 200 degrees. This added heat breaks down oil quicker. Recommended intervals for oil changes are 100 hours and for pumps are 500 hours after the initial break in oils are removed. All new Honda Twin Cylinder Engines have an hour meter to help keep track of this. The heavy users have found this out and we do regular oil changes for many customers from all over. Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are close to our Raleigh Shop and it runs form ½-1 hour per unit to get this done. With Spring on the way, all the equipment will be in demand so remember the maintenance. A little time now could keep you from a costly pressure washer repair during peak season.

Landa TV 21

Landa has a Youtube Channel and has produced some nice commercials. Give it a look at:

Recover and Reuse 11

Recovery systems are going to become a part of most Commercial Cleaners future. Many municipalities are moving to cleanup storm water runoff. So what they are looking for is when washing sidewalks, driveways, shopping centers, gas stations or any hard surface that the water runs right into the storm sewer they would like water is reclaimed.. Landa has made it easy with an all in one system that allows you to recover and reuse your water on site. We have one in our Raleigh store for demonstration purposes. Please watch the demonstration video on the Landa YouTube Channel (or below).

Elemonator now available at MVP Services Inc 8

Bob from PT State sent me 4 drums of Elemonator for you guys that like it. It will mask the bleach smell when washing a house and I am told it does a great job on windows. 1Gal $29.00 5 Gal $109.00

Small Trailer Lots of Power 31

EZ Flow Window Cleaning moved out of the back of the pickup to a 5′ X 10′ trailer. Don’t be fooled by the size. He has an 8 GPM on the passenger side and brand X on the drivers side. Geoff says it has dramatically increased his speed. This is the right time of year to gain capacity. Good luck and we will be here when brand x lets you down.

ez flow

New Box Truck 19

Brandon Clancy with Premier Property Services had us set up his second box truck ( we wish him many more to come). This box is just like the other one. Truck wrap, custom ladder rack and the best part is two new custom pressure washers with custom hose reel mounts. Everything is at the back door including a 3-way valve to switch between bleach and rinse without jumping into the truck.


Custom Trailer 3

This new custom trailer features twin Landa PGDC5-35324E Hot Water Pressure Washers. The Maxey trailer has 2-5000 lb axels and double disk surge brakes. Maxey also took the dove tail off the back end of this standard car hauler. We had custom gas and diesel aluminum tanks built to double his run capacity. Also added a winterize tank for these mild North Carolina winters we have been having. All and all one of the nicest builds in my 20 year history. Let me know if we missed something.