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Carolina Sweepers New Trailer Rig 17

Carolina Sweepers has been a customer for 15 years. His latest trailer is the typical Landa Hot Water Pressure Washer. The PGDC5-35324E has turned out to be the most reliable mobile hot water pressure washer for us over the last few years. The Landa LT6035 pump with u-seals has been very good on repairs, often thousands of hours without a failure. Landa  is making this unit for us in a 7pgm version. Bigger pump bigger motor.

This trailer has the side mount reel brackets we have been using. We like to face the curb side for easy access to the house from the street.  Rigsbee’s Auto Parts on 64 Hwy in Knightdale is bringing in these Moxy trailers without the gate on the back and extra cross members to support the load of the water. All recessed lights – to keep the hoses from catching – and a 7 ton jack.

Winterize or Pay 20

You may think that a direct drive pressure washer does not need winterized but the water does not drain the whole way out. As you can see in the pictures, All Pistons are cracked and this let water into the pumps crankcase. We recommend a $2.00 bottle of window washer fluid versus a $500.00 pump repair.

PGDC 7 GPM@ 3000 PSI 16

Landa  Specials Department has agreed to build a PGDC hot water pressure washer with a 7 GPM pump and a Honda GX660. This is about a prefect HW machine for a Contract Cleaner. The pump speed is 1325 rpm, and a max of 150 degrees.  You can get it hotter just by changing nozzles and lowering the volume to 5 GPM.  We sold one last year and it worked great so we ordered two more and before they get here they are sold so we have more coming. Come see a demo.

Blogging For Beginners 11

Ok guys this is a way to start a topic and let you make comments. Remember to keep it clean as this is a family show. I look forward to posting some good information for you to use or maybe just plain BS.