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Whether you are Industrial or Commercial Pressure washer user,  maintenance is vital. Pumps and Engines have oils that must be changed at recommended intervals. Speaking to engine manufacturers, they all say that pressure washers are one of the toughest applications for an air cooled engine. Add the ethanol and engines are running hotter than ever. One manufacturer has stated that head temperatures with E-15 fuel will increase over 200 degrees. This added heat breaks down oil quicker. Recommended intervals for oil changes are 100 hours and for pumps are 500 hours after the initial break in oils are removed. All new Honda Twin Cylinder Engines have an hour meter to help keep track of this. The heavy users have found this out and we do regular oil changes for many customers from all over. Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are close to our Raleigh Shop and it runs form ½-1 hour per unit to get this done. With Spring on the way, all the equipment will be in demand so remember the maintenance. A little time now could keep you from a costly pressure washer repair during peak season.